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From a young age I've wanted to build things but never really got around to doing it. Now I'm a student at MIT, and have really begun to become the machinist, innovator, creator that I've always wanted to be. This blog will be a sort of documentation that will hopefully be full of cool things that I have done and experienced. I hope that you have as much fun reading it as I will creating it.

Monday, May 14, 2012


So what initiated this sudden interest in creating a blog? Well, it all began with a little class called 2.007: Design and Manufacturing I. The class has several sections where students will take on a certain project. What those projects are varies year to year. There is always the “mainstream competition” where students will build robots that will perform certain tasks. This year there was a carnival theme. Robots could either take on the “High Striker,” turn the Ferris Wheel, blow up a balloon, or remove tickets from a ticket machine. Another section, FSAE, would work on the creation of a Formula One Race car. In the other section students built UAV that would be shot out of a cannon and had to land themselves safely.
In my section were students were presented with the design challenge of creating a one-man electric vehicle. We were known as the “EV Section.” Students were granted 300 dollars, up to 3 12Volt batteries from A123, and a scooter wheel. The scooter wheel was given to somewhat encourage to take the scooter route. Some students chose to create electric scooters and they were pretty freaking awesome. Two other students decided to team up to make a go-kart and another decided to take up the go-kart making challenge on his own. Someone chose to motorize a long board and another decided to go with a tricked out tricycle.
 There were some pretty awesome vehicles. So what I decide to work on? Skullskates.

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